KLAX 2.0 LoRaWAN SML Opto Head for modern electricity meters


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KLAX 2.0 LoRaWAN SML Opto Head for modern electricity meters

  • Transmitting power
  • Antenna
  • Operating temperature
  • Power supply
  • Location of use
  • Reach
  • Protection class
  • Mounting
  • Areas of application
  • Dimensions
  • Connectivity details

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The KLAX makes the values of modern electricity meters immediately available and thus helps to implement effective energy-saving measures and create transparency. For this purpose, the KLAX is attached by magnet to the integrated optical interface of modern measuring devices (mME). The signals from the infrared interface are picked up by the optical head and transmitted via LoRaWAN. The measured values are available in the LoRaWAN backend shortly after the measurement and can be further processed with suitable software. This allows the customer to continuously measure his energy consumption every 15 minutes and directly influence his current power consumption.

The standard version of KLAX is based on the standardized SML protocol and thus works in combination with various smart meter devices, making it compatible with most modern meters. The product enables energy and water suppliers or housing associations to offer value-added services based on the available readings.

The KLAX is also available in a version with the Modbus protocol. This version is particularly suitable for gas measuring devices.

We have already successfully tested the following meters with the KLAX:

  • Holley DTZ541-ZEBA

  • Holley DTZ541-ZDBA

  • Logarex LK13BE803039, LK13BE803049

  • Itron 3.HZ-AC-H4-A1, Itron 3.HZ-AC-D4-A1

  • efr SGM-C4-2A920L, SGM-C4-2A92TL

  • EMH eHZ-HW8E2A5L0EL1P, eHZ-GW8E2A500AX1

  • Norax 1APA0194540255

  • Landis+Gyr E320-AM1D.A1A.A0-S1B-S1

  • Landis+Gyr E350, ZMD120AP, ZMD120AR, ZMB120, ZMD410

  • ISKRA MT 681-D4A51-K0p

  • FTL Tritschler VC2, VC3, TC2

  • Elster AS3000

  • UltraHeat 50 (Landis+Gyr, Siemens & neovac)

  • eBZ DD3 BZ06 ETA - ODZ1

  • DZG DVS74, DVS76, WS74

For large customers we offer the following quantity scales:

Onboarding instructions here: KLAX-Bundle Onboarding

FAQs about the product KLAX

Is the KLAX available with other frequencies apart from 868 MHz?

Currently, the KLAX is only available with the European frequency 868 MHz.

Is the KLAX only compatible with the meters that are listed?

The listed meters are the devices where we have tested it. Ideally, the KLAX can interpret the data coming from the meter and then transmit the readings via LoRaWAN. Due to the variety of devices on the market, our white list is not complete, but is constantly growing.

Can the decimal places of the transmitted values be set?

The decimal places depend on the configuration of the KLAX but also on the counter. 

Connectivity details SML 1.04 or Modbus Protocol
Transmitting power +14 dBm
Antenna External
Operating temperature 0 – 60 °C
Power supply 1 x 3V Lithium AA battery (included)
Location of use Indoor
Reach typically up to 2 km, under ideal condition up to 15 km
Protection class IP21
Mounting per magnetic attachment
Areas of application Smart Metering
Dimensions 96 x 35 x 40 mm
Handbuch SML mit Payloadbeschreibung (DE)
Testprotokoll Batterie (DE)
Sicherheitsdatenblatt Batterie (DE)
EG Konformitätserklärung (Red & RoHS)
Payloadbeschreibung (DE)
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