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SmartInfra's goal is to network municipal infrastructures, control them digitally and map them in an integrated system. SmartInfra combines decades of experience in the construction and operation of public infrastructure with know-how in the field of IoT solutions for energy supply companies and the municipal cross-connection.

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The Things Industries

The Things Industries provides you with an integrated chain of products and services so you can start working on the Internet of Things. With our LoRa Network Server, Hardware & Support you can start developing end-to-end solutions for yourself or for your customers.

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TEKTELIC is a leading provider of LoRaWAN® IoT gateways, sensors and custom applications. Together, these elements form a powerful end-to-end solution that can be deployed easily, quickly and cost-effectively to meet the most demanding IoT user requirements. With a growing product portfolio, TEKTELIC has solutions for most global ISM frequency bands. TEKTELIC's products are suitable for a variety of vertical applications ranging from enterprise and commercial deployments to service provider and industrial solutions.

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Comtac lets things communicate with each other and produces hardware, among other things. Our cooperation in the development of the KLAX was very good. comtac stands for holistic engineering and is thus the perfect engineering and production partner for IoT applications.

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The Things Network

The Things Network has a prominent name among developers of the Internet of Things. We enable people and businesses to easily and cost-effectively build a long-range, low-power global data network. Our technology also makes it easy to build private networks for situations that require enterprise-level reliability and security.  

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Zenner IoT Solutions

ZENNER IoT Solutions is a software and service company based in Hamburg, Germany. The products of ZENNER IoT Solutions complete the product range of the Minol-ZENNER Group, which offers LoRaWAN hardware products and services for the energy, utility and housing industries. ZENNER IoT Solutions GmbH offers all components of IoT end-to-end solutions - individually or as a complete solution from a single source.

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Founded in 1988, Gemtek Technology Co., Ltd. is one of Taiwan's leading companies in the wireless communication technologies industry. Over the years, Gemtek has become a first-class Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) for Total Solution Provider. Gemtek employs an outstanding team of experienced research and development experts and is one of the few manufacturers in Taiwan to provide key technologies for Wireless Area Network and Broadband Network products.  

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Milesight is a professional IoT company that leverages key trending technologies to simplify the process of data collection, storage and retrieval to achieve the goal: connecting "things" to the cloud.

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ELSYS is a leading supplier of LoRAWAN® sensors, connected devices and network solutions. We offer our own products in connected vehicles, logistics and LoRaWAN® for the professional market, with our products being used in many countries around the world. We also provide development services in electronic hardware and software design with focus on wireless sensors and embedded systems.  



nke Watteco is a major player in the Internet of Things, drawing on more than 20 years of experience in the design, development, industrialization and manufacture of electronic products for harsh (GPS for the Dakar race) or high-security (electronic locks for the banking industry) environments. Our products meet the needs for electrical heating control, heat pump management, building energy management, smart metering and smart grid.  

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Since February 2017 Alpha-Omega Technology is a distributor of Libelium. Libelium is one of the world's leading manufacturers of hardware for wireless sensor networks. The variety of IoT sensors ranges from ready-to-use sensors to developer boards. The areas covered include smart city, smart environment, smart water and smart parking. With its portfolio, Libelium is the leading sensor manufacturer in many areas. 

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Since 2005, netvox has invested in IoT technology based on IEEE 802.15.4/ ZigBee® protocol. With the ZigBee® Smart Energy And Home Automation application and product, they are the global leader and have made netvox a leading OEM technology partner worldwide. You can find a wide range of netvox sensors in our store.  



BTM | IoT is a business unit of BTM Energy GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of BTM Holding GmbH. BTM | IoT is an expert in the development of digital strategies and engineering, implementation and use of IoT solutions.   

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Wifx is a solution provider for communication networks from Switzerland. With the Lorix One gateway they close the gap between high priced outdoor gateways with 4G backhaul and indoor gateways with LAN connection. The Yocto Linux used as firmware offers maximum flexibility and forms a stable foundation for your own applications.  

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Over the past 20 years, Globalsat has continuously and consistently provided customers with a variety of ODM services, including professional design capabilities, smooth product development, and satisfying production experience. Globalsat is deeply involved in IoT and M2M solutions.    

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Datacake provides plug-and-play monitoring, notifications and data analytics for IoT devices, sensors and machines. The platform can be operated without programming knowledge: Individual configuration is done exclusively via graphical elements.  

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Elvaco provides best-in-class solutions for smart metering. With industry-leading experience and knowledge of metering and network protocols, including M-Bus (both wired and wireless), LoRaWAN and NB-IoT, Elvaco creates seamless and complete data flows, all the way from the meter or sensor point to the HES, BMS or prepaid service provider. In doing so, international standards are met in terms of data integrity and security.   

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Nordic Automation Systems

NAS is a technology company that specializes in developing and manufacturing wireless Internet of Things (IoT) systems for smart metering, smart city, and smart building applications. NAS's solutions include wireless sensors, gateways, and cloud-based software platforms that enable remote monitoring and management of energy consumption, water usage, and other environmental parameters under the brands of NAS Lighting™ for luminaire controllers, NAS Metering™ for add-on modules to existing meters and Metromatic™ for freshly developed water meters. NAS's technology is designed to be easy to install, highly scalable, and energy-efficient, making it suitable for a wide range of industries and applications. The company has a global customer base and has won several awards for its innovative IoT solutions.

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