Dragino D22-LB LoRaWAN 2 probes Temperature Sensor  Outdoor


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Dragino D22-LB LoRaWAN 2 probes Temperature Sensor Outdoor


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The Dragino D22-LB is a LoRaWAN temperature sensor designed specifically for Internet of Things applications. It enables wireless transmission of temperature readings over the LoRaWAN network to an IoT platform.

Thanks to innovative LoRa radio technology, the D22-LB can send data over long distances using low data rates. This technology is based on spread spectrum communication and ensures robust signal transmission, even under difficult conditions with potential interference factors. At the same time, the D22-LB features extremely low power consumption, enabling long-term and reliable use.

By integrating the D22-LB with a LoRaWAN gateway, the collected temperature data can be easily forwarded to an IoT platform. This platform allows the data to be analyzed, monitored and used to make informed decisions. Companies can thus gain valuable insights into temperature conditions and take action to improve efficiency, reduce costs or ensure the quality of their products.

Overall, as a LoRaWAN temperature sensor, the Dragino D22-LB provides a powerful solution for the Internet of Things. With its advanced LoRa wireless technology, long range, high noise immunity and low power consumption, it meets the requirements of various temperature monitoring applications.

Frequency EU868
Connectivity LoRaWAN
Power supply
Spannungsversorgung Battery
Spannungsversorgungsdetails Li/SoCI2 8500 mh
Measurement parameters
Measurement accuracy ±0.5°C
Certifications IP66
Dragino_D22-LB_LoRaWAN Temperature Sensor_Datasheet_EN.pdf
Dragino_D20-LB_D20S-LB_D22-LB_D23-LB LoRaWAN Temperature Sensor User Manual.pdf