Dragino NDDS20 NB-IoT Liquid Level Sensor


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Dragino NDDS20 NB-IoT Liquid Level Sensor


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69.90 €

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The Dragino NDDS20 is a NB-IoT ultrasonic level sensor for IoT solutions. It uses the non-contact method to measure the height of the liquid in a container without opening the container and sends the value to the IoT server via the NB-IoT network. The NDDS20 sensor is installed directly under the container to detect the height of the liquid level. The user does not need to open a hole in the container to be tested. Non-contact measurement makes measurement safer, easier and possible for some strict situations. NDDS20 uses ultrasonic technology for distance measurement. NDDS20 is of high accuracy to measure various liquids, such as: toxic substances, strong acids, strong alkalis and various pure liquids in airtight containers with high temperature and high pressure. NDDS20 supports various uplink methods such as TCP, MQTT, UDP and CoAP for different application requirements.  

Sensor Distance sensor via ultrasound
Power supply
Spannungsversorgung Battery
Spannungsversorgungsdetails Li/SoCI2 8500 mh
Model NDDS2
Connectivity details NB-IoT
Certifications IP66
Dragino_NDDS20_NB-IoT_Liquid Level Sensor_Datasheet_EN.pdf