Is the BITMOTECOsystem an IoT platform or an industrial PC?

Both and even more! The BITMOTECOsystem is an industrial PC with a decentralised concept that enables browser-based access from the entire company network. As a basis, each variant of the industrial PCs comes with a fully integrated MQTT broker and, with the B.connect module, a fully integrated development tool with Node-RED and many additional function modules. On top of this, the module is a powerful tool that makes it possible to install your own applications.

The two larger of the three industrial PCs have an integrated module, B.analyse, with over 30 analyses  for statistical processing of the data. In addition, is a database for decentralised storage. The comprehensive BITMOTECsystem M also comes with the B.visualize module, a fully integrated graphical development tool that enables individual dashboards with Grafana.

Industry PC by Bitmotec

In which cases is the BITMOTECOsystem used?

All-in-one IoT System

Closed system without cloud

Cloud solutions have a lot of advantages, but do not fit into every business concept. For IoT concepts that want a closed system, but at the same time want browser-based access from the entire company network, the Industrial PC can be a very good solution.  

Maximum technical flexibility without development effort

The more complex an application becomes and the more interfaces have to interact with each other, the more complex the development of an application becomes. Not everyone can or wants to provide the IT resources it requires. Or else there is already an own application that now needs to be connected to an IoT network or linked to easily applicable dashboards. Depending on the variant, the BITMOTECOsystem offers a great deal of flexibility and progressively more modules. 

Flexibility without development effort

The different modules

B.connect Module

With B.connect, systems such as machines, sensors or even higher-level systems such as MES or ERP can be networked on the basis of low-code with minimal effort.

Included interfaces: OPC-UA, MQTT, MTConnect, Modbus, IO-Link, LoRaWAN, Rest-API Module

With the comes a fully integrated MQTT broker. This makes it possible to collect data via MQTT without having to integrate additional systems into the network.

With the integrated, data can be exchanged and provided between the systems of the BITMOTECOsystem in a targeted manner. Module provides the database of the BITMOTECOsystem. The module enables the decentralised storage of measured values and analysis results and thus ensures independence from cloud services. 

With, data is stored together with its meta information in a time series-based database.

B.analyze Module

B.analyze provides ready-made function modules for over 30 different statistical evaluation options.

Functions included: Extreme value analysis, mean value analysis, difference value analysis Module gives partners and end users the opportunity to install their own applications on the BITMOTECOsystem.

This enables the integration of individually developed algorithms or analysis methods. Module

B.visualize provides a wide range of ready-made visualisation options. Low-code allows the creation of individual dashboards within a very short time.

Visualizations included: Bar chart, value-time chart and tables

The BITMOTECOsystem product variants

IoT-Plattform BITMOTECOsystem XS


The BITMOTECOsystem XS is equipped with the modules B.connect, and and thus brings a variety of interfaces such as MQTT, OPC-UA, MTConnect, Modbus and REST-API. enables users to install their own applications on the industrial PC.

Even in this variant, you get the option of integrating IO-Link, LoRaWAN, AI and Cloud into your system, setting automated notifications or programming your own analyses and functions with JavaScript.

IoT-Plattform BITMOTECOsystem S


The BITMOTECOsystem S naturally comes with everything that is already on board in the smaller system. The and B.analyze modules are added on top. In addition to all the interfaces, notifications and JavaScript analyses and functions, a decentralised database comes into play. This enables the time series-based storage of information and gives you independence from cloud providers. Ideal for companies that want to make sure that no data leaks out.

The B.analyze module completes this industrial PC with ready-made function modules that give you the opportunity to use over 30 statistical evaluation options to get the most out of your data.

IoT-Platform BITMOTECOsystem M


With stronger hardware and the additional B.visualize module, the BITMOTECOsystem M is in a class of its own.

With B.visualize you also get the visualisation with manifold possibilities to create individual dashboards within a very short time. 

This device can integrate IoT technologies via interfaces and MQTT brokers, as well as store data independently of cloud providers on a time series basis. It can integrate its own applications on the same industrial PC and then analyse all the data on-site with a wide range of evaluations, then access it browser-side throughout the entire company network and provide the data where it is needed using simple dashboards. This industrial PC  is a class on its own!

Which function is in which variants?

You want to know if this product is right for you?

Whether this system is the right one or which variant you should use can depend on many factors. We will be happy to advise you on this topic and find the optimum solution for your application.