Kerlink Wanesy Management Center

Kerlink Wanesy Management Center provides world-class device management and gateway management under one interface. Through innovative workflow processes, operation and maintenance of large installations can be easily mapped.

The right product

In large-scale IoT deployments of public utilities or smart city applications in general, operators benefit from easy device management and fault analysis capabilities. Good gateway locations are often difficult to reach, a powerful gateway management system helps here with extensive remote maintenance capabilities. As a result, on-site technician trips can be minimized. In productive use, devices can be monitored and alarms can be responded to quickly. Due to excellent scaling possibilities, the Wanesy Management Center is the first choice for fast growing rollouts in the public sector, industry or logistics.

The Wanesy Management Center is the interface between the gateway and your application

Kerlink's Wanesy Management Center consists of two parts. First, you have a powerful tool for managing gateways in the field. In addition to continuous monitoring of the gateway's system parameters, numerous functions are available for effective maintenance of a large gateway fleet. Secondly, the Wanesy Management Center includes a modern LoRaWAN network server that can forward the received data to various IoT platforms. However, the use of this LNS is optional.

What information do I get from the Wanesy Management Center?

Health data such as temperature, RAM and CPU usage or current status are elementary information of an IoT network. At first, it might seem like this information is not interesting, but infrastructural, large-scale operation has special requirements for an IoT network. An extreme winter event could fall short of a gateway's operating temperature limits, or a gateway may have a RAM overload and experience operational failures. Alarm functions allow you to respond quickly to these events.  

Information such as the positions of the individual gateways, their model and gateway EUI can be easily retrieved or displayed on a map. For the management of LoRaWAN sensors and actuators, you get detailed information about the devices like the associated Device EUI, the LoRaWAN class, when the last packet was received and with which spreading factor the device communicates. On this basis, you can significantly increase the quality and effectiveness of your IoT network and quickly identify coverage gaps.

Kerlink Wanesy Management Center​

The advantages of the gateway management software

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User role management
Mass import via CSV
Gateway management
Gateway health data
Alarm function
Reduction of technical risks
Gateway configuration
Spectrum analysis
End-Device Information
Integrated LNS

Is Kerlink's Wanesy Management Center right for you?  

Are you facing the challenges of an IoT network rollout and still lack practical experience? Or you have already set up your infrastructure and want to optimize the operation now? In these and other scenarios, the Kerlink Wanesy Management Center could be right for you. We would be happy to advise you on the topic! 

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