Smart Valve - close water supply via cell phone

With its extremely low power consumption, the valve can operate on batteries for years over long distances, even in buildings or urban areas. With its additional digital and analog inputs connected to an alarm contact, pressure or moisture sensor, the valve can be shut off at the main line before major damage occurs. The duration of the water damage is particularly relevant for the damage to the building, so you can conveniently control this shut-off valve via app.​

Common causes of water damage

Undichte Waschmaschine oder Geschirrmaschine     Leaking dishwasher or washing machine
Sensorik bei Rohrbruch     Pipe burst
Frostalarm    Depending on use - frost
Rohrverstopfung    Clogged drain pipe
LoRaWAN Smart Ventil

Do you want to protect your property from major water damage?


Smart Emitter - monitor and control irrigation over several kilometers!​​

DIN Größen der Smart Ventile

In agriculture, LoRaWAN can fully exploit its enormous transmission distance. A main topic in smart agriculture is irrigation; too much or too little water leads to high crop losses. This does not have to be the case, irrigation systems for cultivated areas or even parks can be controlled by software. With the Smart Emitter and Shut-off Valve from STREGA, you can control the irrigation time-controlled via smartphone. Long distances are no problem, just as the reception in the ground. A sturdy IP67 housing and tamper detection complete this actuator.

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