IoT platform for smart heating control

The MClimate Vicki is a complex device and in order to leverage large savings potentials, it should be rolled out in large numbers. This creates the challenge of managing a large number of actuators simultaneously and in interaction with each other. Of course, the open LoRaWAN protocol and the Vicki's documentation make it possible to develop our own software for this. But the heating season for this year has already begun. Hardly any company has free programming resources to develop software "quickly" now. At the same time, most IoT platforms are currently only designed to display and evaluate received data. In the following, three possibilities for controlling Vickis will be shown and described that are available without in-house development. All solutions presented here have a graphical user interface that is accessed via a browser. All solutions presented here require a separate LoRaWAN network server (for example TTN/TTI, Chirpstack or kerlink Wanesy) to handle the communication with the device.

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Vicki in action on MClimate Enterprisen

IoT platform MClimate Enterprise

Vicki in action on Datacake

IoT platform Datacake

Vicki in action on Thingsboard

IoT platform Thingsboard

MClimate Vicki LoRaWAN thermostatic radiator valve

Vicki is an intelligent thermostatic radiator valve that retrofits radiators and allows temperature control and monitoring of temperature and humidity remotely. Manual selection of the target temperature is possible by turning the outer ring of the unit. The target temperature is displayed on the unit.

Vicki in action on MClimate Enterprise

MClimate Enterprise is a proprietary development by MClimate itself to manage the Vickis. For the MClimate solution there is a native integration to the Things Stack, whereby it does not matter whether one uses the free community variant or a professional TTI installation. In the software, there is the option to divide actuators into nested hierarchies (building, section, floor, room) and assign schedules to the individual groups. In addition to the heating valves, all other sensors from the manufacturer can also be integrated. This makes it possible, for example, to check the actual temperature for controlling a thermostat from another LoRaWAN sensor at a greater distance. It should also be emphasised that MClimate Enterprise does not simply set the setpoint temperature of the actuator, but instead takes over the valve control.

Vicki in action on Datacake

The low-code IoT platform Datacake is one of the easiest ways to visualise and control a wide variety of IoT sensors and actuators. Templates are already available for many sensors, which can be quickly adapted to your own needs. There is also a template for the Vicki that can be used to manage individual devices as well as installations with more than 100 devices. Datacake supports many LoRaWAN network servers. In addition, Datacake can also combine data from sensors from other manufacturers and visualise them together in a dashboard. Such a dashboard can also be published.

Vicki in action on Thingsboard

The Thingsboard is by far the most versatile product of the previously presented solutions. However, this versatility comes with a high level of complexity. Nevertheless, the Thingsboard is an excellent basis for visualising the data from Vickis and controlling the devices. Management is simplified by the ability to group devices into entity groups, which can then be arranged hierarchically. With Thingsboard's control chain tool, even complex tasks can be realised in a short time.

Do you want to implement a smart heating project?

The MClimate Vicki is definitely a tool to raise a high savings potential in classic radiator heating systems in the shortest possible time. In addition, the devices enable a not inconsiderable gain in comfort for the users of the premises. However, as with any complex control system, a little preliminary work is necessary to find an optimal solution for the operator and user. This is where Alpha-Omega Technology GmbH & Co. KG is the right partner at your sid