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You just want to enter a number and automatically onboard your sensors in the backend and immediately get the data displayed in an already configured dashboard on a website or app?

We would like to introduce you to a partner from our network,   Datacake!

LoRaWAN has never been so easy!

The use of LoRaWAN in professional applications often fails because the integration and configuration is not easy to use. Programming costs time and money!

Datacake changes that and delivers an easy-to-use dashboard by clicking together triggers and conditions. With templates already built in for KLAX and sensors from vendors like ELSYS, Decentlab, BOSCH, IMBuildings and many more, configuration becomes a breeze even for users without programming skills. New integrations are being added all the time. Furthermore, a good selection of LoRaWAN providers is already connected to the cloud-based platform.

Animation Sensoren mit Template in Datacake

KLAX and many other sensors can be selected as templates without programming!

Datacake's strengths are already evident when onboarding a sensor. With the already integrated templates for the KLAX and sensors from manufacturers such as ELSYS, Decentlab, BOSCH, Browan, IM Buildings and many more, the configuration becomes child's play even for users without programming knowledge. New integrations are being added all the time!

A good selection of LoRaWAN providers such as the TTN, TTI, ChirpStack, Wanesy or Loriot are already connected to the cloud-based platform.

Select the sensor template, click on the LoRaWAN Network Server you are using, enter the DevEUI and the dashboard is available;

LoRaWAN has never been so easy!

Cake Red - additional Node-RED integration 

Professional IoT projects often need custom conditions, triggers and events. Cake Red's built-in Node-RED integration allows to implement use cases with a simple building block approach and covers the most common options. 

In a 14-day trial you can try Cake Red and see for yourself. The additional option Cake Red includes:   

  Own virtual server with 1 gigabyte RAM and an individual Cake Red domain

  Firewall with comprehensive security and authentication via JWT

  No restrictions for nodes, flows with 24/7 runtime and the possibility to install Node-RED extensions

Cake Red die Node RED Integration in Datacake


Yes, the KLAX is already selectable when selecting the device.

When selecting a device, a list of already available templates of sensors is displayed, which are continuously updated.

No, Cake Red is an additional option that Node-RED provides in your workspace. Cake Red is not required to use the Datacake platform.