DeviceFLO makes IoT enterprise-ready

For industry and public utilities

Many pilot projects are now moving into large rollouts and with them come a large number of new challenges. Be it linking multiple IoT platforms and techniques or managing firmware versions and parsers. Likewise, sensor installation by untrained on-site staff can be a barrier. Professional process optimization is needed to keep costs from skyrocketing and to be profitable.

For IoT hardware providers

The prototypes have long been in series production, and with them new requirements for the processes also emerge. Be it serial number labeling, firmware version management or sensor registration on different platforms. Effective, simple commissioning for the end customer is essential and ideally has integrated quality management. With optimized processes, you significantly improve cost accounting and increase profits.

This is exactly where DeviceFLO comes in!


Enterprise-Ready IoT

Enterprise IoT roll-out processes are often still inefficient and lead to a high "Cost of Data". While the cost of sensors will decrease in perspective, inefficient lifecycle processes pose a looming threat to the profitability of IoT projects.

Reducing complexity in sensor commissioning and maintenance processes through DeviceFLO allows the use of staff without explicit IoT expertise.

By using DeviceFLO, on-site activities can be performed efficiently regardless of the IoT technology used. This creates broad acceptance among employees and can reduce the process costs of an IoT project by up to 50%.

The benefits of DeviceFLO

Reduction of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of a sensor - through efficient process and data management.
End-to-end tool support avoids media discontinuity and increases data quality
Unified processes and management of different IoT technologies and platforms
Reduces project and training costs for service technicians
Connection of existing data sources e.g. ERP facilitate planning and creation of a Digital Twin

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