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IoT - Did you know?

How can the use of a remote switch avoid gateway failures?

For an automated, regular power supply reset of a gateway, a RFI Remote Power Switch can be used. E.g. by telling it via a downlink that it should interrupt the voltage for 10 seconds every 60 minutes. This timer can be reset with a new downlink, i.e. deactivated or always set to 60 minutes. If no downlink comes through because the gateway is off, the RFI Remote Power Switch performs a power supply reset of the gateway. This means that a second gateway is not necessary in the vicinity to avoid failures.

The mounting height of a sensor can be critical. A CO2-sensor should be mounted at head height, for example, because that is where exhalation takes place, and not at foot or overhead height. However, if sitting is a priority in the room, as in a school, the sensor height must also be adjusted accordingly.

When mounting a gateway  the correct height is critical, but care should be taken that the gateway and the antenna is mounted lower than the lightning conductor. Otherwise, it could happen that the lightning strikes the gateway / antenna instead. Generally speaking you can expect a better quality signal reception and further reach when the gateway is hung as high as possible.

With a packet multiplexer you can distribute LoRaWAN packets of a gateway to multiple network servers.

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