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Road surface temperature


Monitor the temperature of the road surface

How and why surveillance makes sense

The decisive factor in this use case is to find the right location. Surface temperatures on roads fluctuate relatively strongly and behave significantly differently than air temperatures. If the sensor is installed at a location where icy conditions are known to occur first, an indication for the deployment of the winter service can be derived.

   Save costs with winter service

   Plan for road salt and personnel on the basis of previous data

   Detecting asphalt that is too hot in summer

   Provision of transparent data for local population

Suitable products for road surface temperature​

Adeunis Temperatursensor

Asphalt paving temperature

Adeunis ARF8180BCA temperature sensor

This temperature sensor registers its internal temperature and the temperature of an external sensor with two metres of cable and transmits them via LoRaWAN. The configuration via downlink and the IP67-protected housing make the device extremely robust and uncomplicated. This is a real professional device.

to the resistant temperatur sensor
Winterdienst Sensor

Temperature of the road by surface measurement

Decentlab DL-WRM-002 LoRaWAN Infrared Winter Service Sensor

The Decentlab DL-WRM-002 is an infrared surface temperature sensor with additional air temperature and humidity measurement for use in winter road maintenance, frost alarm, ice alarm and smart agriculture.

to the winter service sensor

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