Transformer station

As long as the transformer station is functioning properly, it remains inconspicuous in the background, and yet it is essential that it is in continuous operation. There are many reasons that can cause a transformer station to malfunction or be damaged, and when that happens, every minute counts. Long power outages are no longer a trifle in digital times, but an infrastructural problem that can become very expensive.

It is therefore all the more important that a short circuit, for example, is registered and localized quickly. Particularly in area networks, not all transformer stations are equipped with communication technology, and preventive trips by technicians are expensive. This can be done better and LPWAN technologies such as LoRaWAN can show their strengths to the full.

What can happen to a transformer station?

A transformer station is from the outside first of all a large, gray box with very stable cladding, what should happen to it? But in practice, small or major incidents can contribute to the transformer station is not fully functional:

  • Construction work with large equipment accidentally damaging underground cables

  • An animal, such as a rat or marten, can chew on a cable

  • Thunderstorm with floods

  • Damage due to cable theft

  • Changing conditions such as e-charging stations or photovoltaic systems that lead to different operating conditions such as current load

Infrastruktur Kabelschaden

Advantages of transformer station monitoring

  • Detection and processing of short circuits or earth faults

  • Message transmission with station identifier and timestamp

  • Unnecessary inspections can be avoided

  • Fast localization of a malfunction

  • Know the load of the transformer station

  • Ensure network quality 

Comtac's LPN TSM transformer station monitor helps you minimize the risk of failure and downtime. With internal sensors and various connections for external signals, it offers possibilities to plug into existing infrastructure and collect information for preventive maintenance and control rooms. Easy configuration and low retrofit effort make the device ideal for simple transformer station monitoring

Do you have a question about the product or infrastructure monitoring?

Cities, municipalities and public utilities can benefit enormously from an IoT infrastructure. A very good example is transformer station monitoring, other use cases are street lighting, parking monitoring or digital buildings. From hardware procurement, to the right choice of IoT platform, to project management, we are your expert for IoT solutions.