Usecase smart light

The reasons for lighting retrofits are as varied as its applications.
New technologies make it easy to switch to smart solutions.  

The buzzwords smart light and smart city are usually associated with high-tech cities. However, based on our experience and the technical conditions, smaller cities and communities can benefit greatly from new technologies. Often, the focus of retrofitting is on cost reduction or optimization of maintenance. More and more often, operators are forced to replace the previous control systems - mostly audio frequency ripple control systems (TRA). The previous hurdles of modernizing street lighting systems become easier with new technologies and at the same time open the possibility for further smart city applications.

IoT solution – control for street lighting

Intelligent street lighting - The straightforward control solution from Clever City

Practical example - Martinfeld becomes SMARTinfeld

With intelligent LED street lighting and a LoRaWAN network, a forward-looking project for digitization starts in Thuringia

Reasons for smart street lighting

  Replacement of existing control technology to reduce costs

  Cost reduction in the municipal budget

  More safety and comfort through targeted illumination

  Methodical maintenance as needed

  Environmental protection based on well thought-out lighting

  Added value for citizens through increased lighting for local festivities

Why lighting is the perfect start to the smart city?

Street lighting offers a perfect introduction to the topic of Smart City, as the operation of conventional technologies such as TRA, due to legal adjustments are used less and less and thus the costs for the individual use cases increase. ​

With a switch to LPWAN technologies - especially LoRaWAN - significant cost optimizations can be realized directly with a simultaneous increase in efficiency in the area of maintenance.  

Thanks to the new solutions, the changeover can be completed with a manageable effort.

Once the LoRaWAN network is established, other use cases such as smart parking, collection of environmental metrics, or even the use of level sensors for waste garbage cans can be quickly established, thus spreading the cost of the network across different use cases.

Would you like individual advice on the subject of intelligent street lighting and smart light?R

Based on our experience, which we have gained for example with our customers in the project SMARTinfeld we are available to you as a competent companion for your project in the topic of street lighting. From hardware procurement, to the right choice of systems, to project management, we are your expert for IoT solutions.