Sensors in Smart Facility Management

With door and window sensors you have the overview

Especially in large offices and buildings that are used by several companies, it is almost impossible to ensure that all windows are closed outside of operating hours. However, alarm systems can often only be activated when all windows are closed. The result is a tedious search for the one open window or an employee making an extra "lap" to check all windows. When servicing large buildings, this is a time and money waster that can trigger false alarms. Due to the fact that it is wireless, there is also the possibility to use the sensor flexibly on the construction site or similar.

Possible applications for the door and window sensor

  • Checking if all windows are closed after closing time

  • Notification in case of a change (e.g. in case of a break-in)

  • Usage-dependent cleaning of meeting rooms or sanitary facilities

  • Switch off building heating as long as windows are open

Tür- und Fenstersensoren LoRaWAN Usecase

Door and window sensors

Motion sensors can be used and combined in a variety of ways

PIR Bewegunssensoren LoRaWAN Usecase

Whether you just want to register any movement or use sensors in conjunction with other systems, such as lighting, to automatically save power, motion sensors are versatile and can be combined with other sensors and systems. Unlike classic motion sensors, which are permanently linked to an action (e.g. switching on the light or opening the door), these sensors transmit the movement per  LoRaWAN  and can thus be individually integrated into your facility management system. A versatile module for a wide range of applications! No personal data is collected and therefore the sensors are particularly advantageous from a data protection perspective.

Possible applications for the motion sensor​
  • Movements in the building can be used, for example, to automatically open the door

  • Notification of movement outside business hours

  • Verification of meeting room occupancy by means of motion registration without camera recordings

  • Cordless battery operation allows flexible use

Motion sensors

Room climate sensors allow supervision of closed rooms​

Rooms such as server rooms or basements are entered less frequently. They are all the more sensitive to influences such as temperature and humidity. With the Tabs room climate sensor, you can keep an eye on them at all times. As soon as the temperature in the server room is too high, for example, this is registered by the sensor. This gives you the opportunity to react in time, regulate the temperature and avert any damage that may occur. In basements, humidity plays an important role. Pipe bursts and the resulting mold are often detected too late to avert the damage in time. Do not let this happen in the first place!

Possible applications for the room climate sensor

  • Supervise room climate of sensitive server rooms without personal presence

  • Detect moisture in basements and be able to respond before major damage occurs

  • Keeping an eye on climatic conditions of empty stocks​

  • Climatically good indoor air for smart offices

Luftfeuchtigkeitssensor und Temperatursensor LoRaWAN Usecase

Temperature and window sensor​

Personal Data is not necessary for smart buildings

Personenbezogene Daten sind mit LoRaWAN sicher

Data protection has been an important topic not only since the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR), and the Internet of Things presents a whole new set of challenges. A smart building system based on a LoRaWAN network offers ideal conditions to meet this requirement.

No personal data is transmitted, so it is also ideal for use in the B2B sector. The sensors transmit the information you need and no more. At the same time, they can be connected to your existing system. Among other things, a motion sensor can trigger a camera recording.