KLAX – The LoRaWAN opto head

How is the flashlight related to modern measuring equipment?​

More and more modern metering devices are being installed to meet the requirements of the law on the digitization of the energy transition. With these, it should be possible for consumers to identify unnecessary energy consumption and thus reduce it. Unfortunately, it has not been specified how energy consumption is to be made available to consumers, and so the "flashlight morse signs" came into play. Various media have already reported on this, including  https://www.verbraucherzentrale.de/wissen/umwelt-haushalt/wohnen/die-neuen-stromzaehler-kommen-13275  und  https://daserste.ndr.de/extra3/Realer-Irrsinn-Neue-digitale-Stromzaehler,extra13414.html . In particular, the operation with the flashlight with morse-like operation (for example, for a pin with 3569, the flashlight is morphed as follows: 3x flashlight on - pause - 5x flashlight on - pause - 6x flashlight on - pause - 9x flashlight on) to determine the power consumption cannot satisfy the consumer. In addition, a detailed power consumption report cannot be issued. The modern metering devices usually only give the option to display the power consumption of the last day, the last 7 days or the last 30 days and this again via the cumbersome "flashlight morse sign" method.

Conclusion: A better method is needed to make consumption values available to consumers reliably and at shorter intervals, otherwise this goal of digitization will be missed.

Read out and send the values of the measuring device

Now that´s a KLAX!

KLAX der Optokopf auf Messeinrichtung

From the modern measuring equipment (mME) to the front end​

KLAX sendet LoRaWAN Signal

All modern electricity meters must have a data interface for the end consumer. This is standardized according to DIN EN 62056-21. The protocol on this interface is SML. The KLAX "listens" on this interface and forwards the measured values via LoRaWAN. These can now be recorded by a gateway and forwarded to a server for further processing. In this way, the data can be made available to the consumer in a backend system and subsequently with an app.

KLAX Anwendung in IoT-Projekt 

Are you from Austria?

In Austria, the optical interface of modern electricity meters is encrypted in accordance with the "Intelligente Messgeräte-AnforderungsVO 2011 - IMA-VO 2011". KLAX cannot process this encryption and therefore cannot extract any values from the meter data stream. KLAX therefore does not work with meters in Austria.

Advantages of the KLAX:

Breite Kompatibilität Icon

Broad compatibility through optical interface

Magnethalterung Icon

Easy mounting thanks to magnetic holder

LoRaWAN Signal Icon

Opto head picks up signals and sends them via LoRaWAN

Lange Batterielaufzeit LoRaWAN Icon

Long battery life