Dragino N95S31B NB-IoT Outdoor Temperature & Humidity Sensor


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Dragino N95S31B NB-IoT Outdoor Temperature & Humidity Sensor


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The Dragino N95S31B is a NB-IoT temperature and humidity sensor. It is used to measure ambient temperature and relative humidity and upload the data to an IoT server via the NB-IoT network. The temperature and humidity sensor used in the N95S31B is the SHT31 model, a fully calibrated, linearized, and temperature-compensated sensor with digital output from Sensirion, that provides high reliability and long-term stability. The SHT31 is housed in a waterproof anti-condensation case for long-term use. N95S31B supports various uplink methods, including TCP, MQTT, UDP and CoAP, depending on application requirements. N95S31B is powered by an 8500 mAh Li-SOCI2 battery. It is designed for long-term use of up to several years.

Sensor Temperature and humidity
Connectivity NB-IoT
Power supply
Spannungsversorgung Battery
Spannungsversorgungsdetails Li/SoCI2 8500 mh
Certifications IP66
Dragino N95S31B Temperature & Humidity Sensor Outdoor Datasheet (EN)